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Bio-Medica - C-Max 200g

Bio-Medica - C-Max 200g

  • A delicious tasting, comprehensive vitamin C supplement designed to be gentle on the digestive tract. Contains high doses of vitamin C and several mineral ascorbates plus complementary antioxidants. Sweetened with glycine and thaumatin - a fruit-derived protein from West Africa - without added glucose or fructose.



Each 3.5g of C-Max contains:

Total Vitamin C:

1.73 g from:

Ascorbic acid 1.085 g

Calcium ascorbate dihydrate 309.40 mg

equiv. Ascorbic acid 255.6 mg

Magnesium ascorbate monohydrate 144.38 mg

equiv. Ascorbic acid 129.5 mg

Sodium ascorbate 187.3 mg

equiv. Ascorbic acid 165.6 mg

Potassium ascorbate dihydrate 135.03 mg

equiv. Ascorbic acid 94.5 mg

Phyllanthus emblica exract equivalent to dry fruit 84 mg

d-alpha-Tocopheryl acetate 41.23 mg

equiv. to Natural Vitamin E 56 IU

Rutoside 42 mg

Hesperidin 70 mg

Natural Betacarotene 1.26 mg

Magnesium phosphate 70 mg

equiv. Magnesium 14.46 mg

equiv. Phosphorus 12.29 mg

Calcium phosphate 70 mg

equiv. Calcium 27.13 mg

equiv. Phosphorus 12.95 mg

Zinc citrate dihydrate      10.89

equiv. Zinc          3.5

Glycine  525 mg

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