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Metagenics Calm Care for Kids 120g

Metagenics Calm Care for Kids 120g

Calm Care for Kids 120g Metagenics Designed to help support healthy emotional balance, Calm Care for Kids delivers a mix of calming and calming-supportive nutrients, including magnesium, passionflower and chamomile.

How to Use

Children 1 to 4 years:Mix 1/2 metric teaspoon (1.75 g) into 50 mL of milk or juice.

Children 5 to 12 years:Mix 1 metric teaspoon (3.5 g) into 100 mL of milk or juice.

For symptoms of stress:Take once daily.

For sleep:Take once in the afternoon and a second dose before bed. Use soy, rice, oat, almond or cow's milk.


Each dose (3.5 g) contains:


Magnesium glycinate dihydrate (Meta Mag®– Magnesium bisglycinate)600 mg

Equivalent Magnesium

60 mgAlpha casozepine enriched hydrolysed milk protein (LactiumPURETM)100 mgDry herbal extracts:

Passiflora incarnata (Passion flower), herb

182 mg

Derived from dry herb1 g

Matricaria chamomilla (German chamomile)

125 mg

Derived from dry flower

750 mg

Free from eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts, yeast and soy protein. Free from artificial colours and flavours. Derived from cow's milk. Contains lactose. Contains sugars (as fructose) and milk products. 

Excipients: Colloidal anhydrous silica, Flavour, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Polydextrose, Stevia rebaudiana.


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