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Fertility Package

Fertility Package

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Ready to support your fertility on a whole new level? 

  • Healthful has all the support you need for your health and wellness with a combination of our favourite therapies - Naturopathy and Acupuncture. By combining these therapies we are addressing your system on a whole new level. We want you at your optimum health coming into your fertility, and what better way to start working from the inside out on your health and hormones? 

We know that your fertility is optimal when you're managing your health. The combination of Acupuncture and Naturopathy works by bringing the body back into balance allowing hormones and fertility to be in optimal health. 

We recommend starting your fertility preparation journey 3-6 months before starting ideally. However, we understand there is sometimes more urgency and we are also here for those circumstances. 

What is included? 

  • Acupuncture - Initial Consultation 75 mins, 3 x 55-minute follow-ups (all claimable on your health fund - billed after with a 20% discount on all 4 consultations. This will be a total of $380 with a saving of $95, billed at each individual consult and not charged within the package price.)
  • Naturopath - Fertility Initial Consultation 90 mins (suggested that both partners if applicable come to this consultation), 2 x 25-minute follow-ups, 1 results consultation 45minutes
  • DUTCH Hormone Testing - to determine exactly what your hormone profile is and how that can impact your fertility journey. Valed at $600 

BONUS with your package:

  • Craniosacral 45 minute consultation. 
  • Infrared Sauna 3 x 30 minute
  • Sample Cacao Collective powder
  • High-quality Preconception multi 


Meet your naturopath:
Jacqui Watts -
Jacqui has been working with women's health for over 16 years and is keenly interested in balancing the body to increase fertility and balance hormones to ensure healthy conception. Jacqui works with men and women within fertility. 

Meet your Acupuncturist:
Sharon Pitradi - Sharon brings her expertise in women's health to support women with cycle balancing, stress management, and optimising the health and fertility of her clients. 

Package - all consultations must be used within 12-weeks from the initial consultation. Upon booking please mention you have purchased this package in the notes. 

Book here
Otherwise, a Healthful staff member will be in contact to book your consultations. 

At times further hormone testing may be recommended this can be discussed further in your consultation with our Naturopath Jacqui. 



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