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Inika Tanning Glove

Inika Tanning Glove

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Tanning Glove Inika

Achieve flawless results every time with INIKA Organic Tanning Glove. Its ultra-soft Vegan material won't leak and ensures a smooth, streak-free finish. The professional-grade tanning mitt will help you apply your tan perfectly and to larger areas of your body with ease. Perfect for INIKA Organic Natural Tanning Mist, the glove will help you get the coverage you want for your perfect tan.

How to Use

1. Dispense INIKA Organic Natural Tanning Mist onto your Tanning Glove and apply to the skin in smooth, circular motions, working in sections.

2. Focus on larger areas first – torso, legs, arms, back – before adding the finishing touches to your hands, neck, feet, and any other missed smaller areas.

- Every now and again, give your Tanning Glove a gentle wash with warm soapy water and rinse well. Allow to dry naturally. Do not dry clean, iron or bleach.
- Use INIKA Organic Mini Mitt for extra-precise tan application to smaller areas.



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