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MediHerb Andrographis Complex 60t

MediHerb Andrographis Complex 60t

Andrographis Complex 60t MediHerb



Each tablet contains:

 Angrographis paniculata(Andrographis) extract 142.9 mgderived from min. leaf dry2 gstand. to contain andrographolide 50 mgOcimum tenuiflorum(Holy Basil) extract100 mgderived from herb dry500 mgEchinacea purpurea(Echinacea) extract600 microlitrederived from min. root dry300 mgstand. to contain alkylamides 1.2 mgEchinacea angustifolia(Echinacea) extract400 microlitrederived from min. root dry200 mgstand. to contain alkylamides 0.8 mg

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