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MediHerb Digest Forte 60T

MediHerb Digest Forte 60T

DiGest Forte 60T MediHerb



Each tablet contains:
Citrus reticulata(Mandarin) extract100 mgderived from fruit peel dry500 mgZingiber officinale(Ginger) extract 500 microlitrederived from rhizome dry250 mgTanacetum pathenium(Feverfew) extract1 mLderived from leaf dry200 mgGentiana lutea(Gentian) extract390 microlitrederived from root dry195 mgArtemisia absinthium(Wormwood) extract500 microlitrederived from herb dry 100 mgMandarin Oil cold pressed (Citrus reticulata) 12.5 mg

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