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MediHerb Livton Complex 60t

MediHerb Livton Complex 60t

Livton Complex 60t MediHerb



Each tablet contains:

Silybum marianum(St Mary's Thistle) extract114.3 mgderived from min. seed dry8.0 gstandardised to contain flavanolignans calculated as silybin80 mgCynara scolymus(Globe Artichoke) extract200 mgderived from leaf dry800 mgTaraxacum officinale(Dandelion) extract800 mcLderived from root dry400 mgBupleurum falcatum(Bupleurum) extract600 mcLderived from root dry400 mgChionanthus virginica(Fringe Tree) extract320 mcLderived from stem bark dry160mg

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