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Metagenics Adaptan 120t

Metagenics Adaptan 120t

    Amidst times of tension, supply the adrenals with surpassing sustenance. Endow the pituitary and adrenal function to bolster resilience to external stressors while those feeling jittery or weary receive assistance.



Each tablet contains:


Dry herbal extracts:Rehmannia glutinosa(Rehmannia), root417 mg Derived from dry root2.5 g Panax quinquefolius(American ginseng), root300 mgDerived from dry root 1.5 gAvena sativa(Wild oats), herb100 mg Derived from dry herb1 g  Lavandula angustifolia(Lavender), herb250 mg Derived from dry herb1 g

Free from animal products, dairy protein, lactose, eggs, wheat, nuts, yeast, and soy protein. Free from artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours and preservatives. Contains gluten from Avena sativa (Wild oats).

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